Rise of Cultures Wiki
Allied Cultures give the player an opportunity to experience a new city to build, expand, and different goods to produce. Each culture has a different way to approach the growth of the city. Icon signpost.png
Available at Minoan Era.
Resources: Deben.png Deben, Papyrus.png Papyrus, Gold Ore.png Gold Ore.
Goods: Ankh.png Ankh, Golden Mask.png Golden Mask, Papyrus Scroll.png Papyrus Scroll, Ceremonial Dress.png Ceremonial Dress.
Features: Irrigation 3.png Irrigation (similar to Happiness 3.png Happiness)
Available at Early Rome.
Resources: Wu Zhu.png Wu Zhu, Rice.png Rice.
Goods: Moth Cocoons.png Moth Cocoons, Silk Threads.png Silk Threads, Silk.png Silk, Kaolin.png Kaolin, Clay.png Clay, Porcelain.png Porcelain.
Maya Empire
Available at Byzantine Era.
Resources: Cocoa.png Cocoa, Jade.png Jade, Obsidian.png Obsidian, Feather.png Feather.
Goods: Ancestor Mask.png Ancestor Mask, Calendar Stone.png Calendar Stone, Headdress.png Headdress, Ritual Dagger.png Ritual Dagger.
Features: Buildinghappiness Maya3.png Happiness (obtained through rituals).