Rise of Cultures Wiki

Multiple types of Barracks for production and housing of military units used in PvE Campaign battles. Each requires Workers during production of the military units and can be influenced by Culture Sites to reduce the amount of time required. Additional Barrack types becoming available in later ages.

Infantry Barracks
Available at Stone Age.
Produces Unit melee.png Infantry units.
Infantry Units are most effective in the front rows.
Ranged Barracks
Available at Stone Age.
Produces Unit range.png Ranged units.
Ranged Units shoot projectiles over a great distance and areespecially effective against infantry units.
Cavalry Barracks
Available at Bronze Age.
Produces Unit cavalry.png Cavalry units.
Cavalry Units are very fast and charge towards the enemies' rear guard.
Heavy Infantry Barracks
Available at Classic Greece.
Produces Unit heavy infantry.png Heavy Infantry units.
Siege Barracks
Available at Roman Empire.
Produces Unit siege.png Siege units.