Rise of Cultures Wiki
There are 2 types of buildings in this category. Collectable buildings require puzzle pieces to build and Evolving buildings require tokens obtained during events.


Collectable buildings require obtaining enough puzzle pieces in order to build. The buildings become more powerful as they are levelled up.

School Card.png
Building Size.png 3x3
Produces Research.png Research Points
Minoan Watchtower Card.png
Minoan Watchtower
Building Size.png 2x2
Culture Bonus.png Culture Bonus
Culture Range.png 3x3
Architects Studio Card.png
Architech's Studio
Building Size.png 2x3
Produces Mystery Blueprint.png 1 Blueprint

Evolving Buildings[]

Evolving buildings are event buildings (plus Pirate Fortress). They are built and upgraded using tokens from an event. The only exception is the Pirate Fortress where the tokens are gained in the weekly Alliance Treasure Hunt and not a time limited event. Like normal buildings, these buildings change appearance as they increase in level but also gain additional bonuses.

The Age of the building is determined by when the player obtains the first token, not when the building is built. The Age of the building can determine the type of goods it produces, quantity of resources or happiness. To upgrade the Age of a building, an Age Upgrade Ticket is used. Using an Age Upgrade Ticket will increase the building by one Age (e.g. Bronze Age to Minoan Era) but a building can not go above the Age of the player.

These buildings have no build time. Goods and resources are produced every 24hrs and require no workers.
These buildings can be stored in the Inventory by selling them. Stored buildings will retain the level and Age.

Evolving Building Age Renovation.png
Evolving Building Age Renovation
Renovates the selected Evolving Building up by one Age. It can't be renovated higher than your currently researched Age.
Available at: Events
Pirate Fortress Card.png
Pirate Fortress
Building Size.png 5x5
Build/Upgrade: Pirate Fortress Token.png Pirate Fortress Token
Available at: Alliance Treasure Hunt
Hydra Monument Card.png
Hydra Monument
Building Size.png 4x4
Build/Upgrade: Hydra Monument Token.png Hydra Monument Token
Event: Hercules (2021)
Mad Scientists Lab Card.png
Mad Scientist's Lab
Building Size.png 4x4
Build/Upgrade: Mad Scientists Lab Token.png Mad Scientist's Lab Token
Event: Halloween (2021)
Winter Markets Card.png
Winter Markets
Building Size.png 4x4
Build/Upgrade: Winter Markets Token.png Winter Markets Token
Event: Winter (2021)
Trojan Horse Card.png
Trojan Horse
Building Size.png 3x3
Build/Upgrade: Trojan Horse Token.png Trojan Horse Token
Event: Hercules (2022)
Celtic Broch Card.png
Celtic Broch
Building Size.png 4x3
Build/Upgrade: Celtic Broch Token.png Celtic Broch Token
Event: Celtic (2022)
Persian Palace Card.png
Persian Palace
Building Size.png 4x4
Build/Upgrade: Persian Palace Token.png Persian Palace Token
Event: Persian (2022)
Yurt of the Khan Card.png
Yurt of the Khan
Building Size.png 4x4
Build/Upgrade: Yurt of the Khan Token.png Yurt of the Khan Token
Event: Mongol (2022)