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Goods are produced in Workshops and needed for Research, construction and upgrades.


Important: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Goods
The game automatically assign a random combination for Workshops that determines which goods will become the Primary goods for the player. It's important to know this information later in the game and to understand data in the wiki. It is to encourage trades and community activity.

To find out which goods are Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, check the Research tree to see the order in which they appear.

Finding Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
Tutorial Primary.jpg
Tutorial Secondary Tertiary.jpg
In the Bronze Age research tree, if Wool is the first technology then the Tailor is the Primary Workshop.
If Alabaster Idol is the first technology then the Stone Mason is the Primary Workshop.
If Bronze Work is the first technology then the Artisan is the Primary Workshop.
The Primary Workshop can have more than one building, the other Workshops can only have one building.

Once a player gets to Byzantine Era, players get 3 new Workshops but the same mechanic is applied. The first technology will determine the Primary Workshop which allows for more than one building.

This mechanic does not apply to the Workshops and goods of Allied Cultures (Egypt, China, Maya, etc)

Players will also need to know the Age in which the goods are produced which are often written in abbrevations.
If no Age is added to the description (usually for event quests) it will be for the player's current Age.
The wiki will provide mouse-over text (tooltip) for the goods to help players understand which goods are available.

Example (mouse-over the text)
[Primary BA] 10
[Secondary ME] 20
[Tertiary CG] 30
If a player's Primary is Artisan, Secondary is Tailor, and Tertiary is Stone Mason.
The required goods are:
10x Bronze Bracelet (Artisan, Bronze Age)
20x Linen Shirt (Tailor, Minoan Era)
30x Column (Stone Mason, Classic Greece)

Capital City[]

Can be traded with other players.

Tailor Stone Mason Artisan
Label-Bronze Age.png
Wool.png Wool Alabaster Idol.png Alabaster Idol Bronze Bracelet.png Bronze Bracelet
Label-Minoan Era.png
Linen Shirt.png Linen Shirt Marble Bust.png Marble Bust Iron Pendant.png Iron Pendant
Label-Classic Greece.png
Toga.png Toga Column.png Column Silver Ring.png Silver Ring
Label-Early Rome.png
Tunic.png Tunic Stone Tablet.png Stone Tablet Gold Laurel.png Gold Laurel
Label-Roman Empire.png
Cape.png Cape Mosaic.png Mosaic Goblet.png Goblet

Scribe Carpenter Spice Merchant
Label-Byzantine Era.png
Parchment.png Parchment Planks.png Planks Pepper.png Pepper
Label-Frank Age.png
Ink.png Ink Cartwheel.png Cartwheel Salt.png Salt


Can not be traded with other players.

Goldsmith Papyrus Press
Label-Minoan Era.png
Ankh.png Ankh Papyrus Scroll.png Papyrus Scroll
Label-Classic Greece.png
Golden Mask.png Golden Mask Ceremonial Dress.png Ceremonial Dress


Can not be traded with other players.

Item Workshop
Label-Early Rome-Vert.png
Moth Cocoons.png Moth Cocoons Moth Glade
Silk Threads.png Silk Threads Thread Processor
Silk.png Silk Silk Workshop
Label-Roman Empire-Vert.png
Kaolin.png Kaolin Kaolin Quarry
Clay.png Clay Clay Processor
Porcelain.png Porcelain Porcelain Workshop

Maya Empire[]

Can not be traded with other players.