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Goods are produced in Workshops and needed for Research, construction and upgrades. Each player is assigned a "primary" product type at start of the game which determines which type of product will be required the most of as they progress across the ages and therefore which Workshop they will be able to build more of. The other two product types for each age will then be available randomly on the research tree as the player's "secondary" and "tertiary" products. Only one (1) Workshop for each of those will be available to build which helps facilitate trading among the players.

Capital City[]

Can be traded with other players once unlock associated time period.

Item Workshop
Bronze Age Alabaster Idol.png Alabaster Idol Stone Mason
Bronze Bracelet.png Bronze Bracelet Artisan
Wool.png Wool Tailor
Minoan Era Iron Pendant.png Iron Pendant Artisan
Linen Shirt.png Linen Shirt Tailor
Marble Bust.png Marble Bust Stone Mason
«Classic Greece» Column.png Column Stone Mason
Silver Ring.png Silver Ring Artisan
Toga.png Toga Tailor
«Early Rome» Gold Laurel.png Gold Laurel Artisan
Stone Tablet.png Stone Tablet Stone Mason
Tunic.png Tunic Tailor
«Roman Empire» Cape.png Cape Tailor
Goblet.png Goblet Artisan
Mosaic.png Mosaic Stone Mason


Not available for trading with other players.

Item Workshop
Minoan Era Ankh.png Ankh Goldsmith
Papyrus Scroll.png Papyrus Scroll Papyrus Press
«Classic Greece» Ceremonial Dress.png Ceremonial Dress Papyrus Press
Golden Mask.png Golden Mask Goldsmith


Not available for trading with other players.

Item Workshop
Early Rome Moth Cocoons.png Moth Cocoons Moth Glade
Silk Threads.png Silk Threads Thread Processor
Silk.png Silk Silk Workshop
Roman Empire Kaolin.png Kaolin «???»
Clay.png Clay «???»
Porcelain.png Porcelain «???»

Maya Empire[]

Not available for trading with other players.