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Trade becomes available in Minoan Era with the ability to put Goods up for sale. Other players get an opportunity to buy products with Trade Tokens or the NPC will buy products that have been not been purchased after a few hours.
Putting Goods up for sale will use a Harbor Worker and trade slot. After Goods have been sold and collected, the trade slot is unavailable for an hour.
The price of Goods is based on the Age they are produced.

One additional slot is available for Gem.png 190 Gems.

Unlocking Trading offers the following
  • 2 trade slots
  • Trade Worker.png 4 Dock Workers
  • Goods.png Max goods per trade: 400
  • Trade Token.png Max Trade Tokens: 40,000

Note: Technology is available to increase the limit for all of the above

Price of Goods[]

Trade Token.png
Tokens per unit
Label-Bronze Age.png
Wool.png Alabaster Idol.png Bronze Bracelet.png 10
Label-Minoan Era.png
Linen Shirt.png Marble Bust.png Iron Pendant.png 15
Label-Classic Greece.png
Toga.png Column.png Silver Ring.png 20
Label-Early Rome.png
Tunic.png Stone Tablet.png Gold Laurel.png 25
Label-Roman Empire.png
Cape.png Mosaic.png Goblet.png 30
Label-Byzantine Era.png
Pepper.png Planks.png Parchment.png 40
Label-Frank Age.png
Salt.png Cartwheel.png Ink.png 45

Trade Relationship[]

Making a trade with another player increases the trade relationship by 1. Building a trade relationship with other players gives trade discounts. Each trade relationship point lasts 14 days from the hour of the trade.

Trades Discount
10 5%
40 10%
100 15%