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World Wonders exist within the player's Capital City and provide various buffs to production, research, worker count, and more! Wonders are initially unlocked with a set of relevant blueprints as well as various Resources and can be leveled up once enough additional Blueprints are found and Resources provided.

  1. Stonehenge
    • Available at Bronze Age with ten (10) blueprints
    • Grants boost to Coin production as well as one (1) Research Point (two at higher levels) every 24-hours
  2. Hanging Gardens
    • Available at Minoan Era with ten (10) blueprints
    • Grants boost to Food production as well as one (1) additional Worker in the Capital City
  3. Statue of Zeus
    • Available at Classic Greek time period with ten (10) blueprints
    • Grants boost to Infantry unit damage
  4. Temple of Artemis
    • Available at Early Rome time period with twenty (20) blueprints
    • Grants boost to Ranged unit damage and provides two (2) additional workers in the Capital City
  5. Colosseum
    • Available at Roman Empire time period with «???» blueprints
    • Grants boost to Heavy Infantry unit damage and provides one (1) additional worker in the Capital City
  6. Hagia Sophia